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The negative aesthetic aspect of aging that most people identify with is actually a defect in cellular metabolism that develops gradually over a period of time and is therefore incorrectly associated with chronological age. Another truth is that the unwanted effects of aging and related diseases are the result of failures at the cellular level.

When the body's cells cannot remove waste from daily metabolism quickly enough, some of it is deposited in the cell membranes themselves. Cell membranes become, as it were, cellular “garbage cans.” Cells cannot get rid of all their waste because the surrounding connective tissue is overloaded with other waste (due to lymph blockage). This timely accumulation of waste becomes more pronounced and obvious over time, leading to disruption of the electrical communication of cells *another topic ( read more HERE ).

The remaining waste gradually blocks the supply of oxygen, nutrients and bio-water to the cells, thereby promoting the compaction of cell membranes. For example: The cell membranes of a newborn baby are very thin, almost colorless and transparent, while, for example, a 70-year-old person has cell membranes (which are at least five times thicker than those of the child's body), the color of the membranes is usually brown, and in in some cases even black.

We commonly call this cellular degenerative process “aging.” Even during aging, all the body's cells are regularly replaced with new ones, but the new cells are usually not much better than the old ones. The affected tissues or groups of cells become weaker and suffer from insufficient nutrition, giving the new generation of cells a very poor start in life. The new cell membranes don't even have a chance to develop into healthy young cells. As more and more cells and surrounding connective tissues become saturated with toxic substances, entire organs of the body begin to degrade and function poorly/improperly. The skin, which is the largest organ in the body, also begins to suffer from this process.

As a result, the skin loses some of its elasticity, changes its natural color, becomes dry and rough, and spots appear on it. At this stage, the negative aspect of the “aging” process becomes obvious. This also fully applies to all degenerative diseases associated with aging. It is becoming clear that aging is a direct result of impaired cellular metabolism.

It has been proven that body functions are radically improved by the methods of the New Cell program due to the rehabilitation of cell behavior. The cells begin to shed their “dark skin”, the uptake of oxygen, nutrients and bio-water increases, and the viability and efficiency of the cells increases, the cells become young and dynamic again. This is when the actual aging process is reversed and the positive aspects of cellular rejuvenation begin to dominate: normalized health and visible rejuvenation.

Naturally, if you want to achieve outer beauty, you must first develop inner beauty. Here I want to emphasize that it is extremely important that we are not talking about conventional forms of detox, which are more likely to harm cell metabolism. Here we are talking about cleansing the “ old skin of every cell ”, which leads to the rehabilitation of its behavior.

Beauty and health begin with cells... every cell.

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