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Chronically Sick or .... Chronically Healthy? ....


The place where biology and
physiology meets biochemistry:

"Since the structure of the water molecule is the essence of life, the man who succeeds in controlling this structure in the cellular system of the body will change the world..."

- Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi

A healthy cell is surrounded by liquid crystalline structured water. This water is responsible for the stability of the DNA molecule. Crystalline water is also responsible for maintaining the electromagnetic field around the DNA molecule. When water loses its structure, this often results in a disruption of the integrity of the DNA molecule. A young and vibrant cell surrounded by structured/crystalline water has a much stronger electromagnetic field. With this information in mind, it is easier to understand why structured water is the key to life and also the key to renewal and longevity.


People suffer from wrong diagnoses...

Are there any culprits? I know for sure that there are victims ...

- Albina JN Fabiani

For 20+ years, Albina has been working in the field of rehabilitating the original function of cells in the body and is the author of the unique "New Cell" Program, which is also her trademark. Her programs are conducted only and only by her, and recently also in a remote format in Bulgaria.

Albina JN Fabiani


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